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At the present time, all our web page is japanese language.
But you can see the blog who write the Senkouji's master or photo from click to the view button.
And when you go to the Japanese site, please back to main page by back button of browser.
Thank you for subscribe to our blog.
However, our server of the blog has trouble at end of january 2017.
We will immediately integrate both blogs.

New blog (from 24 24.2.2017)

Previous blog(until 27.1.2017)

Thank you for coming Daihikaku Senkoji's web page.
At the present time, we are produce English web page.
However we need a lot of time for create the English page, because our staff are very few.

We didn't have an English web page not yet
The above menu is link to the Japanese page.
But I think you can enjoy the blog by the master or photo from click to the view.

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